Injury By Accident

by Josh Levy 10. June 2011 10:33

The most common type of workers' compensation claim under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act occurs when an individual is injured while performing his or her job duties.  This type of workers' compensation claim is referred to as an "injury by accident."

As a general rule, the injury must occur within the course and scope of the individual's job duties.  It does not matter if the injury occurs as the result of the employee's own negligence or fault.  However, there must be an identifiable event which results in the occurrence of the injury.  This may be the moment when you feel pain, or slip and fall, or the accident occurs.  There are some limited exceptions to this rule, such as for back injuries.

The injury must also occur while performing job duties for the company.  If you are off the clock for a break, or traveling to or from work, injuries will usually not be compensable.

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